Brent Barraclough

Certified, high-quality classical piano instruction

Many people have different reasons for wanting high-quality piano instruction. Some are learning for the first time, and want to learn the best techniques for the best results. Others may already be proficient, but are looking to build on their foundation of piano and become more experienced.

Since each student is seeking something different, Brent will develop goal-oriented lessons tailored to the individual. Students that are committed to do to the work will find that their skills can flourish within this structured learning environment.

Lessons for children

Working closely with parents, Brent ensures that his students get the most out of their lessons through developing sophisticated musical interpretation, alongside strong technical skills.

Brent specializes in preparing students for Royal Conservatory of Music exams leading to the Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT). He also coaches students that are preparing for university entrance or are studying with a teacher at university and would like a fresh perspective.

Lessons are available in all levels of piano history, harmony, and rudiments—both individually, and in optional weekly group lessons.


Lessons for adults

Adult students often have a foundation in piano (exams, recitals, etc.). They are looking to reconnect or deepen their musicality, and improve on existing skills.

Through customized lesson plans, adults are encouraged to develop their technique and enjoy the experience of making music.